Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obama's cabinet has not lost the capacity to surprise me

It's quite a group.

First there's Timmy G., Secretary of the Treasury AND tax cheater!

Second, we got to know Janet Napolitano, who excelled at closing her eyes and sticking her fingers in her ears while screaming "the system worked" when everyone could see that it didn't.

Third comes in aptly named Ray LaHood, who crucified Toyota in the press and didn't have the onions or the decency to even pretend to apologize when the rocket scientists basically cleared the company.

Finally and most recently, we now can celebrate the stupidity of Tom Vilsack! Yes, farm subsidies are inefficient but they're essential for the self esteem of "rural folk"?

Que bola de pendejos, no? And I haven't even mentioned Eric Holder!

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