Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Not What Metal, But What Factors

US Mint is soliciting public comment...sort of.

What new metals should we use in minting coins?

Except that they don't really want to know about metals. They want to know what factors we should use in deciding what metals.

The United States Mint is not soliciting suggestions or recommendations on specific metallic coinage materials, and any such suggestions or recommendations will not be considered at this time. The United States Mint seeks public comment only on the factors to be considered in the research and evaluation of potential new metallic coinage materials.


E.D.M. said...

Wow, jeepers, this is hard. I dunno, how about gold and silver?


Anonymous said...


"Factors to be considered in the R&E of potential new metallic coinage materials"

(1) It should be shiny.
(2) It should make jingly sounds.
(3) You should be able to do Magic tricks with it.