Monday, March 07, 2011

Sweet Home Mississippi?

All hail to the State, with Patriotism so great, that less than 20% of its residents even have passports!

I was very proud to see that roughly 1/3 of my fellow Okies have passports.


Hat tip to LeBron, who grew up in New Jersey, that cesspool of disloyalty!


Steve said...

Superimpose that map on top of a map of average income. I bet you'd see a striking resemblance (after some slight corrections for distance from a Mexican/Canadian border).

International travel ain't cheap!

Anonymous said...

I also note that the highest percentage of passport holders tends to the coasts - don't have to buy a ticket across the US before getting on the international flight.

Toestubber said...

less than 20 of its residents

I think you're missing a % sign in there somewhere.