Monday, April 16, 2012

The dignity of work

Oklahoma authorities have arrested Darlene Mayes, alleging that she is the criminal mastermind behind an organization that supplies almost half of the marijuana in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Missouri.

Now maybe 40% of the grass in those 4 states isn't very much (Mrs. Angus and I live out here and it's more meth and oxy country than anything else), because all the cops seized was 4 pounds of weed and $276,000 in cash which Ms. Mayes refereed to (probably correctly) as her retirement fund.

Behold the biggest druglord in Oklahoma:

The question foremost in my mind? Is there a prison anywhere that can hold her?


Gerardo said...

What's the over-under on this storyline becoming a series on FX?

Anonymous said...

Sure, make her look helpless. Show the picture with her tattoos covered up, and her teeth bling concealed, in a glass in the next room.

Will she join the Crochet Crew, I wonder?