Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Is Your Chld About to Throw Up?

Got this from Nanny News. Not sure whether they think our readers are childish, or that this site makes readers vomit. But, in any case, here you are:

10 signs your child is about to throw up. (Some Synonyms, from Oz)

But it seems to me this just scratches the surface. Our own experience was the EYM would stand up in his bed and scream for hours, until he vomited on his own feet. Then, satisfied, he would happily lie down and go to sleep in same. Anyone else want to share?


Pelsmin said...

Clearly written by someone without kids. These are the REAL signs your child is about to throw up.
1. They're standing on the new carpet.
2. You're driving them home in a new car.
3. You're about to finally go out to a fancy dinner with the missus, and hoping things are calm so the young baby sitter can handle things
4. You just got home from the pediatrician, who said he thinks the kid's all better now.
5. etc.

Anonymous said...

Pelsmin, how about when riding home in somebody else's car? That's usually an interesting experience.

Dr. Tufte said...

How about breathing through their mouth. You've got less than 10 minutes if you see this.