Monday, April 30, 2012

Silver linings

The Venezuelan government is on an unsustainable treadmill. They are running a sustained inflation rate of between 25-30% per year. People complain about higher prices, so they institute price controls and nationalize "offending" companies. Both actions tend to reduce supply, so customers then face shortages and long lines for the products. The NY Times has a good article on the situation.

But as they say, there's always a silver lining. Some citizens are getting healthier:

Waiting in line to buy chicken and other staples, Jenny Montero, 30, recalled how she could not find cooking oil last fall and had to switch from the fried food she prefers to soups and stews.

 “It was good for me,” she said drily, pushing her 14-month-old daughter in a stroller. “I lost several pounds.”


Gerardo said...

I was thinking about moving to Cuba for the free health care.

Luke said...

Another title reportedly considered by the same editor: "In Bridge Collapse, Some Blame Gravity."

Pelsmin said...

They're on the right track. Comrade Kim has reduced obesity in North Korea by 99.999999%; 100% when he's out of the country.

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