Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A little more of the interview....

The interview with El Merc reporter C. Alvarez was too long, so I cut part of it.

But, @donaldtaylorjr rightly points out that the omission is important. So, here is another snippet:

—With Romney as the clear favorite of the competition: Is this the confirmation of a more centrist GOP?

I think it is more an indication of the weakness of the field. Santorum is a very weak candidate, and Perry and Gingrich are very close to being clowns. I know Santorum personally, and my experience in talking to him is not very impressive. He just does not strike you as being a leader. So, Romney is a weak leader of an even weaker field. In many ways, Romney is the Republican version of John Kerry, who lost to President Bush in 2004. Kerry was a fine man, with accomplishments. But there was nothing about him that made you trust him, or want to go out to work for him. Romney is like that. His campaign slogan should be "Romney: He's not so bad."

So....yes. The big difference is that Clinton and Obama were better candidates, MUCH better candidates.

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Pelsmin said...

I was with you till you made the Romney/Kerry analogy. List Romney's accomplishments next to Kerry's, and there's no comparison. One was a top student at Harvard Law and Harvard Business. He spent years successfully creating wealth for himself and others -- creating value for people in the shark tank, where he excelled. He was fairly successful as the chief executive of a major state (despite his egregious foray into Romneycare). But most importantly, he is an honorable man, if a bit politically wimpy and ideologically flexible.
Kerry was a poor student and has had a career that more closely tracks Obama; rabble-rouser, public speaker, serial politician, demagogue. I have friends who know both well; Romney's genuine, bright and well-intentioned. Kerry's a lying self-serving phoney.
Look, no-one's thrilled with the leadership we witness in Romney, but to compare him to Kerry?