Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sam Bacile

So I was thinking of writing something about contemptible Sam Bacile, the "persona" who may (or may not) have made a movie, the trailer of which appears to have driven a whole bunch of people to become very angry at a person who doesn't exist because he made a movie that doesn't exist.

But, no need.  Ken took care of it, over at Popehat.  What he said.

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Pelsmin said...

More to this story and film, I think, than meets the eye. First, have you seen the trailer? The day after the attacks it looked to me like it had fewer than 100,000 views. I don't think anyone in the middle east or the US had seen it. More importantly, it appears to be more of a spoof of an anti-Islam movie. Not just the characters whose voices sometimes change three times in a scene due to hilarious overdubbing. But the dialog and editing look and sound like the old Second City TV shows. This is a bizarre movie, but not a polemic or agitprop. Can't even tell how the lead character is supposed to be Mohammed; he doesn't say or do anything connected to him.