Monday, September 10, 2012

They're not even making it up on volume

When I lasted visited the Chevy Volt, January 2012 sales were 603 units (against a 46,000 target for annual sales).

Since then, the company has taken bold action: $199/month leases!

So it's around $5k to lease a Volt, which has a base retail price of $40,000, for two years. This has help to vault sales up to 2800 in August, making 13,500 sold for the year to date. If you include prorated development costs, each Volt is costing Chevy around $75,000!

Know how many Prius Toyota has sold so far this year? Over 160,000.

You may wonder what GM has to say about all this. Well here's Doug Parks, VP of "global product programs":

"It wasn't conceived as a way to make tons of money,"

Maybe Obama could borrow George Bush's banner and hang it on the factory wall?

What's that, the factory is closing next week for a month?

How about $99 / month leases?

Hat tip to the mighty Mark Perry.

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Zachary said...

But don't you know that the administration has "...changed the Car industry as we know it..."?

This hurts so much.