Thursday, February 02, 2012

Low voltage

Obama motors is having trouble with their signature product.  Chevy sold 603 Volts in January. Their sales target for 2012 (45,000) has been dropped. Last year they sold around 8,000 Volts.

More info is here, and the hat tip goes to Mark P.

Has the $7,500 tax credit for buying one of these bad boys expired? Or has America run out of Volt-less rich people?

Or maybe people don't want their cars to double as fireplaces?


Gene Hayward said...

Is this a modern example of "digging holes and filling them in" stimulus plan??

Anonymous said...

bottom line on the volt is that it is too expensive - even with the tax credit.

I can buy a similarly equipped chevy cruze for 20K less.

The national average driving distance is 32 miles per day so my chevy cruze would cost between $4-$7 per day to operate with much less chance for failure (perceived or otherwise).

do the math...

Angus said...

LOL, don't tell ME to do the math, tell the owner of the company to do the math!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to GM to make a cars with both disadvantages of gasoline and electrics.

Hopefully the next Tesla drops in an acceptable price range. Electricity has been 1/10 the cost of gasoline for a decade, it's about time at least cabs went electric.