Wednesday, February 15, 2012


An astonishing number of folks have jumped on the "he said the US is not a democracy! kill him!" wagon. here, and here, and et cetera.

Look, I did explain. And I have explained before, at greater length. And, it was a DEBATE, not an attack.

There is even a video, for the Daily Kos folks, with your gnat-length attention spans.

But perhaps this explanation is better. (Do click for a more democratic image)

Democracy without rule of law is simple tyranny. You bed-wetters all claim to hate capital punishment. Me, too. It's state murder. Why do we have it? Majority rule. Why would you expect rectitude in the bloodthirsty multitude? Majority is not morality, it's just what most people happen to think.


Gerardo said...

What is the analog of "lefty bed wetters" for righties?

John said...

Gerardo: Neocons.

John said...

Also, this reminds me of the Obamacare contraception mandate issue. There were some that pointed out that the number of Catholics who actually opposed contraception as a matter of principle was relatively low. As if violating freedom is OK if it's only the freedom of small minorities. The freedom of majorities isn't what needs protecting.

Anonymous said...

Glad someone else was as appalled by the media's obsession with the purple fingers.

I also remember neo - cons talking about how democracy was the best way to protect freedom and basic rights!!! Weren't these guys supposed to have read Leo Strauss??

Neither the right or the left seems to understand the concept of a republic.

Joel Rosch

Joel said...

Nice Nigeria quote - where is it from?