Thursday, February 23, 2012

Venezuelan politics is so awesome

The president of the Venezuelan congress and likely replacement for Hugo Chavez if Hugo's health does not permit him to run is Diosdado Cabello!

Yes, you read that right and no, it's not a nickname. The man's first name is "God-given" and the man's last name is "hair".

"Mitt" Romney has to be kicking himself at this point, thinking "that should be MY name".

If Mitt is the real Diosdado Cabello (and he is, just look at Diosdado's actual cabello, it's pathetic), what are some good Spanish names for the rest of our politicians?

Tell me in the comments!


Irasicibli said...

Last spotted drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's.

The Spivonomist said...

Viajero della Luna: Newt Gingrich

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama= Sinespinas Gastograndes

Anonymous said...

Tíoloco Amante de Oro - Ron Paul

Michael said...

Rick Santorum: Mezcla Espumosa del Rabo.

google "santorum" for reference.

Pelsmin said...

Hillary; Tobillos Grande.

(Sometimes you just gotta go ad hominem.)

Richard Stands said...

Obama: El Niño Mandón con Demasiado Poder

Romney: La Manga de Viento

Santorum: Entrometido de Mente Estrecha

Gingrich: Halcón Gallinero Tramposo

Paul: El Mensajero Muerto