Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Come We Don' Hear....

How come we don't hear outrage from the left Guantanamo any more?

Because you bunch of hypocrites never actually cared about human rights in the first place? Just wanted an excuse to Bush bash? You people make me SICK.

Here at KPC, we have ALWAYS expressed outrage. 'Cause it's Gitmo we hate, not particular little political teams with D or R on their nice corporate-logo sweaters. WE gots no team, so we must scream.


Road to Surf Bum said...

My love/hate for Greenwald just got a love hit. I usually turn to Salon for a laugh at the headlines which seem to be very often written by petulant 16-year olds.

Anonymous said...

Is there an information story that could be told rather than just a partisan one? If Obama really cares about human rights, is less of an idiot than Bush, and thinks Gitmo is okay, then it must mean that Gitmo isn't as bad as his supporters thought it was when Bush was in power. There's some Bayesian updating going on.

I'm not saying I believe what I just said, but I'm throwing it out there.

Speedmaster said...


I've noticed that the left's outrage over war, Gitmo, and civil liberties violations seemed to drop way off the day the anointed one was inaugurated. The double-standard is galling.

To wit:
"Why Are We Still In Iraq? And Why …" ( )
"Where Did the Anti-War Protestors Go?" ( )

Barnacle Bill said...

"Rommel... you magnificent bastard, *I read your book*!"

I feel like giving Mungowitz the aforementioned hat-tip. I hate the hypocrisy as much as he does.

I guess the tie-in with Patton and Rommel to old Mungo has to do with respect. Really, just the idea of genuine respect, that's what I'm getting at here.

I don't want a President, but if I have to have one I'd vote for Mungowitz.

Peace everybody.