Monday, February 13, 2012

Better late than never

5 years after I (with the help and encouragement of Mrs. A) built our headboard and end tables, I finally finished our bedroom set by doing the bench for the end of the bed just last week. You can clic the pics for more glorious images

Here's a close-up of the bench. All construction is just mortise & tenon with glue and a few wooden dowels for pins. No nails, screws, chewing gum.....

End table detail. The wood is mango from Hawaii and bocote from Mexico. The mango has a lot of curl in it:

Putting the headboard pieces all together simultaneously was a real challenge:

The legs for the bench were tricky to do, the stretcher is used as a through-tenon. I have to thank my friend and colleague Lex Holmes for his help and advice on this project.


Anonymous said...

Impressive craftsmanship. (And I thought I was doing something by installing engineered wood flooring in our dining area (-: )

Robert S. Porter said...

Looks very nice.

I love woodworking but hate the capital investment required.