Monday, February 13, 2012

Football fallout

Me and LeBron's Grantland article has stirred up the pot at least a little bit. I was on Cleveland sports talk radio (92.3 "The Fan") where the host told me that America has become "a nation of wussies". Tyler briefly acquired a Twitter Stalker!

We were pilloried by Mike Florio, treated sympathetically in San Antonio and quoted neutrally in the NY Times' football blog.

One of the best statements I've read, post-article, comes from the comments on Florio's rant:

"the data shows that younger players are more at risk because their brains are developing and even though the velocity of a NFL type hit does not exist, it doesn’t take nearly as much to cause damage. It’s actually the repetitive nature during the younger years that leaves these guys so exposed. Most play from 5 y/o on to 30….25 years of straight head knocking. The lawsuits will come from a parent of a deceased or severely injured kids whose coaches wouldn’t listen to the law. Or knuckle head parents who say it didn’t kill me so it should be ok for my kid….then boom brain injury. I believe we are looking at the pinnacle of the sport. Federal, State, and local laws will become stricter, and rightfully so. You don’t need a non-neurologist on the side of a Pee Wee football game saying, ah he just had his bell rung. Insurance premiums for football is already pricey, wait till a few lawsuits make it through."


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