Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Tyler is trying to sphincter us"

People, I teach development economics (among other things) for a living. I only let paying customers into my class, & I don't let them tape the classes.

It's a sweet deal for me and people of my ilk.

But now Tyler and Alex are giving away the cow for free!

Yes, MR. University is up. Online, live and from a quick tour I took, mighty snazzy.

The first course, development economics, is ready for matriculation.

Check it our for your own selves: Learn, Teach & Share!

Part of me really wants this venture to succeed, but part of me doesn't want to spend the last few years of my working life saying "welcome to Walmart" 200 times a day.

Thus the title of my post.

PS: I am also going to spill the beans and inform you that Mrs. Angus will be doing a major MRU module on Mexico. Look for it in early 2013. et tu, Mrs. A?


Anonymous said...

So your wife is trying to sphincter you?

Angus said...


Anonymous said...


Using "sphincter" as a verb is the most brilliant linguistic innovation in the English language since the sonnets of William Shakespeare.

Thank you, AnGoose. I have already put in for your transfer from the Econ Dept to English Lit. You are a treasure of World Civilization.

Angus said...

You are most welcome. It is my proudest achievement.