Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The golden age of journalism is NOW!

Crushing expose of Christine Lagarde in this morning's WAPO.

Turns out that she's "Chanel Suits and weekend denim". One time in India, she swam laps "extra hard".

The "intoxicating Hermes perfume she wears"? People you know it's  “Un Jardin sur le Nil”

Kudos to you Ned Martel. You are a giant of journalism.

The closest thing I could find that might be of some conceivable relevance in this hum-job of a piece is that Christine buys  "Greek yogurt at the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods".

Chrissie buys Greek? That's gotta mean SOMETHING, right?

Maybe I'll ask her about it tonight. I'm going to Raskia West End, where she often "drops by".


ericmc said...

I thought only the Japanese had been able to give handjobs over the internet.

Anonymous said...

she clearly doesn't care about money, it's much cheaper at Trader Joe's

Claudz from 2012 Joint tax return said...

sometimes makes you wonder what they're thinking when they write like this

Anonymous said...

Un Jardin sur le Nil isn't even a floral fragrance - it's mostly salty green mango and calamus.