Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Secure passwords.  Something like "NudPicsofHilClint69" should be safe!

2.  Punchinello. It is an evil video.  You will not be able to get the song out of your head.  And the cookie jar with moving lips in the background?  The stuff of nightmares.  The LMM sent me this, as a memory from her childhood.  It explains a lot, actually.

3.  The Dem votes => seats shortfall is not just gerrymandering.  It is gerrymandering, but it is not JUST gerrymandering.  The real problem is an unhealthy, almost religious, concentration of Democratic co-cultists.

4.  No one was sentenced to death in NC this year.  Good for us.

5.  Inmate claims he was beaten nearly to death, and then guards deleted the video.  Of course, he could be lying.  But we can't really know.  Because the guards really did delete the video.  Not getting sentenced to death is not that great if the guards can execute prisoners with impunity, just for recreation.  (Yes, that's an unfair characterization.  Being a prison guard must be terrifying.  But surely the solution is to have fewer people in jail in the first place.  Fewer laws, please.)

Nod to Angry Alex


Anonymous said...

Liberals don't just concentrate in one area, they also drive out social conservatives - at least in my neighborhood. Since I have lived here (10 years now) 2 social conservative families have moved in (not just rented - but bought the houses) and left within a year. I wish I could say it was for a reason other than they did not feel welcomed or at home, but that is the case.

Gerardo said...

I saw some districts in Philly had 99%+ votes for Obama. That seems high.

zimaroll said...

I think it was Karl Rove's brain.

Anonymous said...


I didn't notice that the cookie jar's lips were moving, but the fact that it's in dispute makes it even creepier...

Unknown said...
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