Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rational Voting: R=PB-C+D

Well, I think even Angus will have to admit that voting is rational, under THESE circumstances, from my hometown of Orlando, FL.

If the alternative is that your wife will chase you in the car, and run you over for his "lack of voter participation."  She gave it to him right in the ol' "C" term, good and hard.

Check out her mug shot.  I would have done WHATEVER that wife told me.  But then, now that I think of it, I already do whatever my wife tells me.

Thanks to Tommy the Tenured Brit...


Gerardo said...

A classic post-election rundown

Unknown said...

That was actually my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Florida doesn't have a monopoly on Crazy, even if it is their most famous export.