Monday, November 12, 2012

The Problem is NOT That This is Fraud

I'm with Fundman.  The problem is NOT that this is fraud.

The problem is that it's probably an accurate reflection of how people voted.


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JWO said...

My theory is that Obama got close to 100% of the black vote and about 66% of the Hispanic and Asian vote and so the election only shows us that the Republican party is seen as a white man's party.

Surely many more than 1% of blacks agree more with Romney than Obama on policy, and double surely more than a third of Hispanics and Asians agree more Romney than Obama on policy.

IMHO to win the repubs desperately need a good black candidate (the rank and file repubs know this and thus the success of Herman Cain until the revaluations). On the other hand if democrats keep running black candidates they will start to loose Hispanics and Asians. Policy is not normally so important IMHO.

I say this as a person like you who does not like Romney or Obama's policy. It is not even so left, right or libertarian as smart verses stupid policy. I am mostly libertarian but it is not so much the un-libertarian stuff that gets me but the stupid often counterproductive stuff.