Sunday, November 25, 2012

Frampton comes full circle

Ex-UNC prof Paul Frampton has now been convicted of drug running in Argentina and sentenced to 4 years, 8 months.

Earlier KPC coverage of this story can be found here.

He claims he was scammed by a babe. But the prosecution says he texted said babe gems like: "I'm worried about the sniffer dogs".

Confirming my previous allegation that Frampton's drug of choice is LSD, he hopes to serve his time in a friend's apartment.

That's not how they roll, homie.


Anonymous said...

One of the commenters on the ABC page nails it: "I am not sure which is more absurd, the Professor chasing a bikini model around the world with a suitcase of cocaine or the insane drug laws which make him a criminal."

Angus said...

good point. I've added another label to the post in your honor.

John henry said...

A report this AM said that he would serve the time under house arrest in a friend's apartment. The reason is that there is too much smoking going on in Argentine jail.

My question is what did the friend do that he is being punished by having this loon confined to his apartment?

John Henry

Tiago said...

I have lived in a buenos aires rent for a while and many people there complains a lot of the prison system. But, in this particular case I can not qualify the Argentina justice system, because here in the US he would go to jail the same. He broke the Argentina law, why would them let him go free? In every civilized country like Argentina he would be punished.