Thursday, February 28, 2013


The Dub-MOE killin' it with "Why Are Gas Prices So High?"


Max said...

Nice played but it doesn't answer one of the harder questions about gas prizes. Why do they vary over the course of the day and from station to station. Isn't that a way even though supply is high to rip off commuters?

Zachary said...


It is exactly because commuters DEMAND more gasoline that prices adjust throughout the day. :-D

Ripped off is no one who consents to buy or abstain.

Max said...

That's what I say. That it is precautionary local demand leveling but try telling that to the general public. They will get on board that rises in crude oil prices influence gas station price levels. But they really complain about the evil deviation in one day. Here they say that companies rip them off. And I think this point has to be argued and explained more often. That's why posted the question up there.