Friday, February 08, 2013

Props to Jon Stewart

I used to watch Jon Stewart all the time.  When he was making fun of GWB (which was always), I enjoyed it immensely.

But since Team Obama has taken over, I can't really watch.  JS bent over backwards to continue to blame Repubs, even when the Dems had Prez/Sen/House control.

I may have to start watching again.  This is awesome.  Dead on, completely fair, and funny.  I have been having a fuss-in with my good friend Dirty Davey, who agrees the drone thing is bad, but that he would still prefer BHO to McCain.  Okay, yes, that's true.  But that is one lame-ass argument for SUPPORTING BHO.  Pundits and humorists should go after the Prez when he is wrong, even if the Prez is objectively preferable to Benito Mussolini.


Dave Holden said...

Can't watch that but I know what you mean - Obama reminds me of Blair and the gradual disillusionment of the left. To be fair to JS, the republicans have been very generous in providing lots of bat sh*t crazy things to satirise.

Tom said...

Dave highlights the reason I vote Libertarian: The D&R choice is murders and torturers. (Not to mentions wastrels and idiots.) So far, evidence about elected Libertarians is pretty thin, but I can sure give the finger of scorn to the D&R pols, whose record is so awful.