Friday, February 15, 2013

Most Excellent Musical / Econ Site

This is nothing short of amazing, fantastic, wonderful.

Do you need some terrible 70's or 80's music to illustrate  a point in econ class?  (Answer:  yes.  Yes, you do.  You ALWAYS do).

Then here is the reference site for you!

And the best thing (and this goes out to YOU, Steve Horwitz!) there is not one shred of that awful sound abortion, RUSH, anywhere on the site.  Because the only principle Rush illustrates is that even functionally deaf people will apparently still buy music.  For proof, check this:  it is NOT intended ironically.


Tununak said...



Anonymous said...

Maybe one day the Mountain Goats' Faultlines will make the section on Keynesian Economics and BHO's stimulus.

"Down here where the watermelons grow so sweet
Where I worship the ground underneath your feat
We are experts in the art
Of frivolous spending"

mike shupp said...

Where's Pink Floyd's MONEY?

Steven Horwitz said...

Hey Munger... written any serious scholarship about your favorite bands? Let me know when you do, then maybe you'll be as cool as I am. ;)