Wednesday, August 07, 2013

CK Rowley

Angus and I both had some bumps in our relations with Prof. Rowley, who died August 2 after a long illness.  It appears he was working on a biography of James Buchanan, which, for those of us who know the history...well, let's leave it at that.  That's what he was working on.

I am writing a memorial of CKR for TIR, and it will be out in the fall.

Charles sometimes was difficult.  But then so am I.  I owe Charles a lot, because through the years he supported my work and published it in many different places.  Of course, sometimes in between he would launch tac-nuke strikes for some slight, real or imagined.  But his work for Public Choice, and for the cause of liberty, should be acknowledged and honored by all of us.

I always wondered if Charles was happy.  He worked very hard, on a lot of things.  But it seemed like there was always something else, something he wanted and never got.  Rest in peace now, sir.

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