Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Our good friend Richard Epstein becomes a deconstructionist:  What does our Prez really mean?

2.  Wow.  Scanners randomly switch numbers in scanned documents, sometimes?

3.  Disturbingly "convenient" that NSA spying was crucial to finding the "threat" to US facilities....somewhere....sometime.  Because now NSA cannot be questioned.  Unless you read stuff like this.And they hope the misdirection move toward "Cower in helpless fear!" will distract you from this.  I often feel like we are watching a sequel to "V for Vendetta," live.

4.  I had always assumed that the "pee on 3rd rail, die of electrocution" stories were urban legends.  But this one has actual names and dates.  Ick.  Ow.

5.  This is a perfect visual metaphor for a LOT of "alternative" technologies.  They don't actually work. 
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6. Trends in Social Security, and disability.

7.  Late summer reading, from the quirky Jacob Grier...

8.  This is just excellent, all the way through.  I may not AGREE with all of it, but it is provocative.

9.  Why are women reluctant to enter the labor force?

10.  Machine Shops:  Leading indicator?

11.  Merchant ship bottoms have always been cyclically oversupplied, since the dawn of time.  But the extent of oversupply now is unprecedented. Or is it?  Accounts differ.

12.  When people who are completely innocent of economics try to use economics to make analogies, hilarity ensues.

13.  Hedge fund activism...

14.  Ken at Popehat is a mean man, and I like him very much.

15.  A currency is anything that two people (or more) agree is a currency, provided they have reason to trade.

16.  Idiosyncratic Whisk on Hanson on Inequality.

17.  Incentive matter:  EuroFootball edition.  From DoL.

18.  Future societies, looking back, will marvel at how wealthy we were.  Because stuff like this happens, and these people don't starve.  In fact, they prosper.

19.  Scary, scary clowns.

20.  Cute.  Very, very cute.

21.  Companies (including, presumably Business Insider?) should pay more.  How much more?  More. What would happen if that happened.  Good things, he says.  I'm not sure why.

22.  Predictions are dangerous, especially about the future.  Some of these predictions are just linear projections, dressed up.  But, still....astonishing.  If there really is a vaccine for malaria, the next story will be Africa.  Good, bad, free, war...Africa.

23.  Restricting immigration cuts jobs, makes things more expensive, and forces farms to consolidate.

24. Delightful:  If you are a prostitute, you can't be a lawyer.  Now, think about that.

25.  The interwebs are for....the history of US Soccer photo shoots.

26.  Sauce for the goose, banks?

27.  The effects of minimum wage on unemployment at a point in time are hard to measure, and may be small.  The dynamic effects on job growth may be substantial, however.  And they are harmful.


1.  Four Year Old Mayor is Reelected in Minnesota.   Question:  Can mentally four-year-old mayor be reelected in San Diego?

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Anonymous said...

The whole malaria thing drives me nuts. I'm glad that a vaccine may be on the way, but it's an unnecessary expenditure of resources. We know how to fight malaria. We know how to stamp it out. Unfortunately DDT is still banned. Tens of millions die.