Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Economists to developing nations: Invent the next Facebook, and monetize.  Or, starve to death in the gutter.  Good luck!  (Exception: P-Kroog, who thinks that Robert Mugabe is a genius.  Now THAT is a deficit.)

2.  Ten things losing candidates say:  Here are six of them, and then here are four more of them.
What *I* said was, "I'm glad that's over.  I deserved to lose, and I did."

3.  Darwin Award barely missed. Woman shoots self with own gun, walking the aisles at the Staples in Wake Forest, NC.  Oh, and her two year-old child was with her.

4.  Here's the thing:  many things we now take for granted were once seens as ridiculous.  This seems ridiculous.  That does NOT mean it will soon be taken for granted.

5.  Rainbow mountains in China.

6.  Incompetent doctors?  A miracle?  Or a sign that we just don't know very much about human physiology...

7.  You can see why there would be, at most, one of these.  Perhaps the solution is to learn how to spell "rapping."

8.  Well, I'll be fracked.  This is quite optimistic.

9.  When environmentalism is only about rent-seeking, then only rent-seekers will be environmentalists.  But this is still pretty amazing.  And it's in the New Republic, hardly a right-wing rag.

10.  Economath: some history, from P-Bett.

11.  So you, or someone like you, or someone who is completely not you at all, want to be on American Idol?

12.  Details of a fracking protest. And the story in pictures.  (People make fun of protesters generally.  I tend to like them.  But they do say some strange things...)

13.  I'm with Angus.  If people can do stuff like this, why do we even HAVE a government?

14.  Irony, when done well, is the best form of humor. The analog journal bullet task list system.

15.  LBJ orders him up some Haggar slacks.  Hilarity ensues. The man KNEW what he wanted.

16.  Okay, this is a PERFECT metaphor for the current Republican party.  DO NOT WATCH it if you are easily offended or disgusting.  Like the current Republican party, this video is offensive and disgusting.  But remarkably insightful.

17.  Tin soldiers and Obama coming.  We're finally on our own.  Or so thinks one George Will.

18.  Amar Bhide:  "Wanted:  A BORING leader for the Fed."

19.  Logistics?  LOGISTICS?  "Ebay Now" gots yer stinkin' logistics, right HERE.  And also here.


1.  Spontaneous Goat Manure Fire Stinks Up Vermont Town.

2.  Convict Sneaks Into NYC Jails, Is Convicted and Sentenced...To Jail.  (I always thought that when the masochist says, "Beat me!" the sadist was supposed to sneer, "NO!"

3.  This Year, Rabbits are Breeding Like...Well....Rabbits.


Jeff said...

Those mountains in China would be a great place to shoot a Sci Fi movie. Maybe if whoever owns the rights to the Star Wars franchise someday figures out that audiences are a little sick of CGI effects, they can incorporate the landscape into Episode 14 or whatever, helping market the movie to Chinese audiences, who will by that time probably be the target market for the film.

mobile said...

Shenanigans, Chinese Rainbow Mountain PR Flacks! Compare 3rd photo on the Huff Post link to this:,100.044336&spn=0.021087,0.063429&sll=38.959342,100.062361&sspn=0.02109,0.063429&t=h&layer=c&cbll=38.96964,100.044358&cbp=11,0,,0,0&photoid=po-89106128&radius=2.04&hq=Danxia&z=14

and tell me again why I wouldn't be better off going to see the Grand Canyon again.

Warren said...

I'm not easily offended but I am disgusting so I guess I can't click on that GOP link.