Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Some beautiful shots of New York, in (sad) honor of losing the EYM to NYU.

2.  Ground game may have perverse effects.  People mistrust political organizations, and activists.   Still, by and large, being contacted seems to help the side paying the partisans to mobilize contact.

3.  Not surprisingly, the campaign signs are being stolen.  They should sell them.

4.  First they came for my cold medicine, and I said nothing.  Then....seriously?

5.  Girls drink this?  Ewwww!  Cooties!

6.  Blog posts:  Important?  Compared to journal articles, for example?

7.  This is not surprising, unfortunately.  The US prison-industrial complex is being operated as a for-profit business by the DEA and local police forces.  They don't have stockholders, but they are clearly trying to maximize revenues.  And succeeding.  It's an astonishingly corrupt system.  And you can't blame the police.  All the incentives in a for-profit system cut that way.

8.  Your voice, your vote, but the wrong date.  Detroit shines on as a beacon to us all.

9.  Viva la libertad para la industria petrolera Mexicana! Wait, never mind.  Please invest.

10.  One way to improve math scores is to eliminate the relation between actual knowledge and scores.  And then everybody's happy, right?

11.  Craig's List "took" from newspapers?  The money didn't belong to the newspapers in the first place.  The newspapers just failed to persuade people that was the best use of their money.  I'm with Craig here.

12.  A lot of the picture-taking seems like assault to me.  It's hard not to be sympathetic.

13,  High-waisted pants are IN?  Man, I'm STYLIN'!

13.  BIG money, soon, for health care.

14.  London is going to stop using recycling machines to spy on cell phone movements.  Maybe.  Read the "announcement":  Not CURRENTLY conducting TRIALS.  Might start actual spying tomorrow, though?  Wow.

15.  Noah Smith has enough opinions that some of them may be correct.  This is a pretty standard observation, though; hard to imagine it's wrong.

16.  Forty maps that explain the world.

17.  In spite of our "small government" legislature and gov, NC is near the bottom in terms of occupational licensing restrictions on new, small businesses.

18.  Shale gas is Reardon metal.

19.  The Onion couldn't make this up.  So it's true.  Airport security will be paying "extra attention" to women with large, heavy breasts.  The shadowy terrorists don't even have to do anything.  They can just make up new stories and then watch the security theater dumb show.

20.  Imaginary engineering is most popular, and most wasteful, when it comes to mass transit.



1. Border Collie Found Stuck Up In Tree.  (This could absolutely happen to Skippy Squirrelbane, by the way.)

2.  Russia:  Surgeon Stole Heroin Found in Stomach.  (Why not?  There's the old joke about how mohalim get paid for the bris milah:  they just work for tips...)

3.  Bad Parking Leads to Man's Arrest.

4.  Insanity Defense for Man Who Killed Mom on Mother's Day.  (Perhaps he thought it was a to-do list?  After all, on Halloween he stabs a pumpkin...)

5.  Stressed Doctor Cuts Up Man's Penis...

6.  China Zoo Replaces Lion with Big Dog...


Noah Smith said...

Opinions aren't "correct" or "incorrect". They're just, like, your opinions, man...

Anonymous said...

That's just your opinion.

Noah Smith said...

Whoa, man, that's like...

so true.

kebkko said...

10: The purpose of schools is to develop and assess skills in our children. When I hear principals and teachers saying that, in effect, our schools in their current institutional form, are, a priori, incapable of applying actionable assessments, that seems like just about the most damning thing that could be said about them. Why aren't teachers marching for in the streets to demand that we replace our schools with an institution that can competently assess them and their students?

AD said...

Munger, here's a headline for you and awesome, but unnecessary, summary:

Man in Underpants Partied in Merkel's Jet

German prosecutors are probing how a man was able to board an empty government jet used by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Wearing only underpants and high on drugs, he danced on a wing, sprayed foam around and pushed cockpit buttons.

AD said...

kebkko: Teachers aren't marching in the street because the schools aren't for the kids. They're for the adults in the schools. Work is a lot less stressful when you're never evaluated.