Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  A tale of two systems.

2. Art Donavan talks to Johnny Carson.  A football time capsule.

3.  Regulating psychics in Salem.  (from Zach Weiner).  Author says the town is "picaresque."  I don't think that word means what she thinks it means.  It may be picturesque, but I doubt it moves around much.

4.  Some Art Carden, on WalMart.

5.  The 24 very most Hipster Highlights in History.


6.  Don't retire.  Unless you work as a roofer.  Then, retire.

7.  Enviro-activists care more about symbols than about actually helping the environment.  Odd.

8.  This makes sense.  But what they SHOULD have said is:  "Compared to the US, China is not a currency manipulator."

9.  Dumb trade law.

10.  Big ad campaign, with already purchased time slots.  Buy today!  Even though you can't actually

11.  Iffy, I'd say.  I understand that there may be some pushback on assigning some of the canon.  But.... assigning Mark Levin?  Why would you do that?

12.  This....THIS is why you read the Monday's Child feature.  Classy.

13.  Young women getting lucky, and hoping they stay lucky.

14.  Marty F is worried that hard rain is gonna fall.

15.  They stole the GRASS?  I guess the penance will be saying 10 "Our Fodder"s.

16. One of those awful, unbelievable internet rumors.  Except it's mostly true.

17.  I wonder if visiting Amazon would affect her?  When you go to the bookstore, and you just have to go...

18.  Snake Venom:  The Powerful Beer.  It's 130 proof...

19.  Poor sportsmanship?  A perplexing problem.

20.  Woman goes to Halloween party dressed as "abusive wive" and then beats up husband.  What does an "abusive wife" costume look like?  Whatever she happens to be wearing, apparently.

21.  Be afraid!  And need the state.

22.  Mysterious "Google Barges".  Server farm that uses water for cooling?  Sea-steading?

23.  One of the clearest signs that mandatory recycling does NOT save resources is that only the wealthy recycle.

24.  No secrets=No privacy=Much easier to harass political opponents=Only corrupt people become politicos.  Or maybe.  An interesting article.

25.  If a superstition falls in an identifiable trading day, does it make a profit opportunity?

26.  Dude!  You're getting a Dell!  But what's that SMELL?

27.  If you are trying to get away, you should NOT give police "the finger."  They will find you.  Plus, you'll be the guy missing a finger.


Anonymous said...

People who live in glass houses? Not sure picaresque means what you think it means, causing "moving around a lot" doesn't have much of anything to do with the definition.

JWO said...

On roofers retiring.