Friday, November 08, 2013

The future of work?

As AI and globalization chew up good jobs for the non-elites, there is a bright spot on the career horizon. The market for household staff is booming.

According to the WSJ, "A good housekeeper earns $60,000 to $90,000 a year. A lady's maid can make $75,000 a year. A butler may start at $80,000 a year and can earn as much as $200,000."

And, there are openings, "Demand for the well-staffed home is on the rise, according to agencies and house managers alike. Clients are calling for live-in couples, live-out housekeepers, flight attendants for private jets, stewards for the yachts and chefs for the summer house. In San Francisco, Town and Country Resources, a staffing agency for domestic help, has seen demand for estate managers and trained housekeepers grow so fast the agency is going to offer its own training programs in subjects like laundry, ironing and spring cleaning starting in 2014. Claudia Kahn, founder of The Help Company, a staffing agency based in Los Angeles, says she used to get one call a month for a butler but has gotten three in the past week alone."

If your skill set is more exotic, don't despair:

"She will also be bringing with her the two animal trainers who come seven days a week to care for Prince Mikey, a white-faced capuchin monkey. Prince Mikey's trainers work with him five to six hours a day during the week and three hours a day on weekends.  The annual cost is in the six figures"

Behold the future of American mass employment!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

For Profit Medicine: Blood Work

The other day I had to drive 20 miles to my doctor's office, just to get blood work done.  It took about 3 minutes to draw the blood, but it took me 45 minutes in morning traffic to drive to the facility, then 20 minutes wait, then 45 minutes back. 

Why not just have generic facilities (drawing blood is no more complicated than an oil change) at grocery stores?  Wait....Schnucks!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Just can't do math!

It's plausible to think that some people are better at math than others (though if you speculate about why, you may be fired, like Larry Summers) (though this is interesting).

But no one of normal intelligence "can't do math."

Marc Bellemare's story.

Of course, this is how Marc dressed up his dog for Halloween.  So, even though he's good at MATH now, he has two "pupkins" in his house. (He'll probably try to blame Janet).

UPDATE:  If facebook doesn't put out....the pupkin pic:

If your kid is hungry, get him to take a nap.

People eat more if they need to sleep.

Kids, too.

Explanations smack of "Just So" stories, but it makes sense:  10,000 years ago, if you weren't getting enough sleep, you were under severe stress and probably in danger.  Needed to eat to keep your strength up.  Because humans probably slept 10 hours a day or more, normally.  Just laying around.

So, if your kid is eating too much, get him to sleep more.  And you are hungry, take a nap.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

NOTA! Bene....

Libertarians have long advocated putting "NOTA" in as an option in all elections.  (And we practice it!) (Of course, sometimes this happens)

India has just decided that that makes a lot of sense.  The parties should have to nominate someone YOU want, not just people THEY want.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  A tale of two systems.

2. Art Donavan talks to Johnny Carson.  A football time capsule.

3.  Regulating psychics in Salem.  (from Zach Weiner).  Author says the town is "picaresque."  I don't think that word means what she thinks it means.  It may be picturesque, but I doubt it moves around much.

4.  Some Art Carden, on WalMart.

5.  The 24 very most Hipster Highlights in History.


Sunday, November 03, 2013

Had a bad day....

Sometime, it is useful to think about what is going to happen AFTER you take the step you are considering.

This was one of those times, I guess.

Nod to WH.