Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charges Dropped on "Friend"

The story continues to develop. The one about the prison therapist and the guy that she shot, I mean. Her name is Rider; his is Friend.

Rider shot Friend near his heart on April 21 after an altercation in front of his grandmother's house. She has not been charged.

On May 1, she asked for and received a domestic violence protective order. Friend said the couple soon reunited, however. He was then arrested in June for violating the order.

Carrie Randa, the assistant district attorney handling the case, said Rider had admitted to prosecutors that she invited Friend to live with her, even though she had earlier requested the restraining order.

"He had been staying with her for quite a few weeks before the charges came up," Randa said. "It's a difficult sell to a judge when the victim invites the person into the home to live there and to stay with them."

Yes, it is difficult. Psychiatrist, heal thyself. As I said, my sympathies are with her, but still. The guy may be a manipulative, abusive snake. If so, then stop asking him to come live with you.

On the other hand, she shot him in the back. I think he needs to get away from her.