Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin: Certifiable Lunatic

So, Gov. Palin is quitting, just straight up quitting her job as Governor of AK.

Her reason? Pure noble self-sacrifice.

"I love my job and I love Alaska, and it hurts to make this choice, but I'm doing what's best for them," Palin said, the sun glinting off a seaplane on Lake Lucille behind her.

Palin, 45, said that, after deciding not to run for reelection as governor, she realized she did not want to finish out her term merely for the sake of doing so.

"As I thought about this announcement that I would not seek reelection, I thought about how much fun other governors have as lame ducks: They maybe travel around their state, travel to other states, maybe take their overseas international trade missions," she said.

"I'm not going to put Alaskans through that," she continued. "I promised efficiencies and effectiveness. That's not how I'm wired. I'm not wired to operate under the same old politics as usual."

Good lord. All over the world, people go to work and do their jobs, just because they have a sense of obligation. Ms. Palin just got bored with the idea of doing the job she told the citizens of Alaska she wanted, and now she is quitting that job, FOR THE SAKE OF THE CITIZENS.

She may have a point, after all. Alaska is better off without her. Just yesterday she won the award for being the most ridiculous public figure of the pawt year. That means she beat out Blago, folks. No small achievement.


Fanny PAC said...

That "award" was for being the "most RIDICULED," not "most ridiculous" public figure. There's a difference, ya know? And maybe, just maybe, the ridicule directed at her and her family, not to mention the frivolous "ethics" complaints, had more to do with her decision than did "boredom."

Or maybe she really is just a pompous blowhard, like apparently everyone who gets involved in gubernatorial politics.

John Thacker said...

I would think that actually seeking the governorship in the first place would be a bigger sign of being a Certifiable Lunatic than quitting it.

Of course, you sought the governorship too. Which perhaps proves my point.