Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary to the LMM and to Me!

23 years and one day ago, I wasn't married. And today my older son is a college sophomore, living in an apartment in Chapel Hill. And the younger younger Munger is signing up for senior pictures. Because he is a high school senior.

23 years ago today we were going to the second wedding reception at the Elks Club, in Westerly, RI. The wedding had been at 9 am, and I hadn't slept at all the night before. Then we drove to a bad hotel outside of Boston, where we spent our wedding night. My friends had loaded every part of Donna's suitcase, including her pill bottles, with rice. Took years to live down the rice thing, and to get all the rice out of our luggage and pockets of clothing. Donna was so mad she stayed in the bathroom of the hotel for two hours and cried. Nice wedding night. "Honey? Sweetie? Are you okay?" "NO! I hate you and your friends! Don't you DARE touch me."

Next morning, before dawn, we flew to Bermuda, for our honeymoon.

My wife is a better person than I am in every way, except one: I married better than she did!

Happy anniversary, dear....


Angus said...

Happy Anniversary indeed to Mungo and the LMM!!

Let me just say that I didn't have anything to do with the rice in the suitcase thing. I was more of a throwing empty shotglasses kind of guy back in the day.

It was a fun wedding though!

Shawn said...

i wish more people were honest about how awkward and weird wedding-nights are.

congrats!! what a great achievement; the longer I'm married, the more I realize that...and especially because it seems pretty clear from things you've mentioned here that neither you nor your wife are walking all over the other. THAT is an achievement.

Shawn said...

also...have heard of other stories of the of which was putting rice all over their house, so when they got *back* from the honeymoon, twas everywhere.

Best example: rice on top of the ceiling fan blades.

Dirty Davey said...

Congratulations to the both of you!

Bird said...

I wish to state, categorically and emphatically, that although I was Herr Mungoqwitz's best man, I knew nothing (Nozzing!!) of, and played no role in, the rice thing. I also knew nothing about the car-horn-wired-to-the-brake-pedal thing, which of course I couldn't have pulled off even with an instruction manual. I am SO innocent, and fortunately, the LMM does not seem to hold anything against me. (Word has it that Herr M was quite adept at the wedding pranks himself, but that's beside the point...) Happy Anniversary guys!!