Friday, July 03, 2009

HIghs and Lows of Food in Munich

I have mentioned before the food requirements of the Lovely Ms. Mungowitz. So, while we were in Munich recently, we despaired of finding a decent place to have a salad that was devoid of things such as cucumbers, peppers, cheese, dressing, or croutons. The only solution? Subway Sandwich Shop. No, I am not kidding. In Munich, we went to the Subway for lunch.

The YYM saved the day, however, by ordering potato chips. Unexpectedly, a truly genius move. Here are two of the types of potato chips available at the Munich Subway Sandwich Shop:
The first, inexplicably, is "Ready Salted." Is this "ALReady Salted," in disguise, or something else? The second is "Prawn Cocktail." We ordered those, of course. And we disappointed, since there was no noticeable flavor of prawns on the chips. (That's "crisps" for you, Tommy). Or maybe we were happy. I don't remember.

Because then we got some real food. A nice dunkel and a big-ass brezel. The YYM was pleased.


Tim Worstall said...

"Ready salted". It's an English thing.

Way back when your crips (ie, American chips) came unsalted, but with a little blue twist of paper at the bottom of the packet containing salt. Thus you salted your own to taste.

Then they started to salt them in the fatory....."ready salted".

Mungowitz said...

As usual, my ignorance leads me to learn things.

I am glad that the innovation of putting salt on potato chips has reached the Brit Isles. What will those wily folks think of next?

Tor Hershman said...

Thank you very munch, Munich.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin...we have all sorts of flavoured crisps...katchup, bbq, salted, onion, etc. Crisps are the national dish.

Tommy the Englishman.