Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What could possibly go wrong with this brilliant plan?

Chapel Hill woman arrested.

For growing marijuana.

On. her. FRONT. PORCH.

"It's a brilliant plan. They'll never catch me, see? It's hiding in plain sight, see? Have you ever heard of anyone growing MJ on the front porch?"

I'm no fan of this particularly dumb law, but the police are in fact obliged to enforce it. At least go with the BACK porch, I think.

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Shawn said...

Michael Jackson was on her front porch?

But seriously folks...this ain't Seattle, where I'm pretty sure you COULD grow the ganja on your clothes that you wear to court and not get charged.

Aside: The plans for Apple's state-funded taxpayer thievery have been officially announced. Do please have a revamped googlesque commentary, Senor Munger, to convey to people why this might not be the passel of wonderfulness that it's made out to be in the media and popular comment.