Friday, July 17, 2009

Wien--Three Nights in the Lights

So...heading over to Wien, to visit with GameBill and enjoy the city. GameBill had suggested that I take the train (it's true you can get a ticket for 39 euro each way, if you get a ticket early. But that seems to mean "two years in advance.")

But Air Berlin has direct flights, Nuremberg -- Vienna, 90 euro, compared to 72 euro for the train. So, I broke my own rule (no planes while I'm in Europe, except going or coming) and got a plane ticket.

I am looking forward to it. Three nights, and no particular plans, except that GameBill and I have to work on our paper for APSA.

UPDATE: Looking at some touristy websites, I found the "Wine Tasting Bike Tour." Does anyone see a possible problem with that? As Lynyrd Skynyrd put it, "Oak tree, you are in my way." Still, tempting.


Angus said...

in Wien, fangt der Orient an

Martin said...

Oh, well. I have to do it again. Just to make sure your math is correct.

First, you start in Erlangen, not Nuernberg. Erlangen - Wien, next Friday, by train 5:30 hours, 59 or 69 Euros as of now.

Now, you go by plane. I'll take your numbers here: 90 Euros, 1 hour. But you have to get to Nuernberg Airport first. 45 minutes, 4 Euros. I suppose (for the moment) you are as cool as ice when it comes to flying. But still, you would be at the airport some 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled.

Adds up to 2:15 hours.

Now, you are in Wien, not quite. Leaving the airport will take another 30 minutes. (And I am certainly fair here.) I do not know where you are staying in Wien, but say inner city (where the train will end anyway). I am not familiar with Wien well, but tells me 30 minutes, 9 Euros.

Put together:
By train 69 Euros, 5:30 hours, change trains once.

By plane 103 Euros, at least 3:15 hours, change vehicles (and seats) three times.

And, I just got word that you missed a beautiful sight of the Donau through the train window.

Anyway, I never wanted to doubt your decision. Just wanted to tell your readers that the case is not that obvious.

Have a nice time in Oesterreich!

Mungowitz said...

Changing is a GOOD, since it is better for my back. And I can walk around the beautiful N-burg flughafen.

Still, it would have been nice to see the river, and the Wien HBF is bound to be pretty impressive. So I expect you have a point, Martin.

econprof said...

Have a good time in Vienna, and success with your paper. Just in case you need some suggestions from an exiled Austrian. When you do the bikeride in the Wachau, you will see the best of the Danube river in Austria. You will need, however, some time.
You surely know all the cultural stuff. Maybe some inofficial hints:
1. You might try Viennes coffee (A lot of traditional coffehouses went under: I would suggest eith the traditional coffeehouses (your colleagues should know...). Viennese coffee is one of the best of the world.
2. Equally important: Viennese sweets (forget Hotel Sacher, try Heiner, Konditorei Sluka, Kurkonditorei Oberlaa, or Aida (in that order..)
3. Especially if you have kids with you: Vienna has the best Italian icecream (unfortunately quality changes rapidly: Schwedenplatz, Tichy am Reumannplatz, Zanoni(?)...)
4. Cooked beef ("Tafelspitz"): A rather unique preparation of beef: Canonical choice is Plachutta ( ): Relatively expensive, better make a reservation (take e.g. the one in Hietzing, take a walk inSchoenbrunn castle park before dinner).
5. Something political: Vienna still has a "Karl Marx housing project" (Karl Marx Gemeindebau") in the 19th district....