Monday, August 03, 2009

I was wrong.....

Okay, so I was pretty much wrong. For anyone familiar with my predictive powers, this is hardly a surprise.

But I fussed about the German "euros for junkers" program, the Abwrackprämie.

This program, as often reader (and Berliner) Florian pointed out, was singled out as being pretty impressive, as these programs go.

And, I have to admit that they are right. The Abwrackprämie is relatively inexpensive, it is NOT protectionist, and quite a few folks bought cars. I would stand by my claim that its environmental claims were exaggerated, and in fact simply false. But, as they programs go, it was only mildly nuts, not completely insane.

For completely insane, you have to go to the US program.

My favorite part: The House "leadership" is saying, "What? We ran out of money already?" I think we are going to be hearing that a LOT in the next few years.

Pretty good interview with Mike Pence.

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br said...

The money quote is from the President of Sheehy Auto Stores... "It's doing what it was intended to do -- stimulate the economy."

I think he meant "his economy", not "the economy".