Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Jersey RULES!

Before Mrs. Angus and I lived in Mexico, we lived in New Orleans. When Mexican people would say how different things were in Mexico vs. the US (trying to warn or scare us I guess) we would laugh and tell them how we had a bumper sticker that said "Louisiana: 3rd World and Proud of it", and how living in NOLA was excellent practice for living in Mexico (bribes work, the cops are not necessarily your friends, right away means never).

Now, though, I think I would recommend a year in New Jersey as a good primer for living in Mexico (though that is probably an insult to Mexico). Where else can you get politicians habitually on the take, Rabbis brokering body partz and now, the anti-corruption cops are getting busted for corruption there!!

Hey, isn't Tyler from New Jersey?



John Thacker said...

"the anti-corruption cops are getting busted for corruption there!!"

Investigated for making prejudicial comments, more like. Which is fairly typical of anti-corruption prosecutors everywhere.

Dimitri said...

thats wat all we need a corruption free environment......these type activities shd be busted.....ene