Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Norman hits the big time!

One of our grad students found out about this and for some reason immediately thought of me.

A statue that depicts a nude, breastfeeding Angelina Jolie will soon make its debut in Oklahoma."The statue is a bronze statue of a nude Angelina Jolie in a sitting position, breastfeeding two babies in a football hold," said project coordinator Cory Allen.The statue was created by artist Daniel Edwards to mark World Breastfeeding Week. It's set to go on display at Norman's Mainsite Contemporary Art on Sept. 11."

Holy Crap!

This is just so awesome! Breastfeeding two babies in a football hold? What does that even mean? Well folks, I for one intend to find out.

Hey Daniel Edwards, what will you do for an encore?

"Edwards is working on an additional project with an Edmond artist to build a house they plan to call The Brangelina."


PS: extra bonus info. Apparently Brad Pitt is from Oklahoma. Wow!!

Hat tip to Bea!


PeeDub said...

What I think

Adam Dynes said...
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Adam Dynes said...

When we had our first kid, my wife got several books on breastfeeding techniques. The twin football hold was by far my favorite.

Imagine you're a running back. You've broken through the defensive line, and there's only thirty yards between you and the end zone. At this moment, you'd be running at full speed with the football in one warm with one end in your hand and the other pressed against your forearm and the inside of your elbow.

Imagine the football is a baby and the head is in your hand. Put the baby's face to your breast and you're doing the football hold.

Now, take it to the next level by having one baby in each arm and your doing the twin football hold.