Wednesday, August 26, 2009

La Paz trumps Amsterdam!

by offering cocaine instead of mere marijuana in the drug tourism market.

That's right parents, be worried when you kid tells you they're going to do a semester abroad in Bolivia:

"Tonight we have two types of cocaine; normal for 100 Bolivianos a gram, and strong cocaine for 150 [Bolivianos] a gram." The waiter has just finished taking our drink order of two rum-and-Cokes here in La Paz, Bolivia, and as everybody in this bar knows, he is now offering the main course. The bottled water is on the house.

The waiter arrives at the table, lowers the tray and places an empty black CD case in the middle of the table. Next to the CD case are two straws and two little black packets. He is so casual he might as well be delivering a sandwich and fries. And he has seen it all. "We had some Australians; they stayed here for four days. They would take turns sleeping and the only time they left was to go to the ATM," says Roberto, who has worked at Route 36 (in its various locations) for the last six months. Behind the bar, he goes back to casually slicing straws into neat 8cm lengths.

Phone call for Rick James!!!


nancy said...

This is indeed a worrying fact. I hope kids have their good sense.
Keep blogging!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

Generic Viagra said...

If I ain't wrong. I think that it is forbidden by law in Bolivia that they sell Cocaine. I think that they are taking risk to do it in a place like that.

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