Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wow! Was I Ever Wrong

The Lovely Ms. Mungowitz had asked how Mass would handle the problem of replacing Ted Kennedy in the Senate.

I had said that the law was a little strange in Mass.; they require a special election. This law was implemented in 2004, when there was a Republican governor.

Now, I feel like such an idiot. Since there is a DEMOCRAT governor, the state legislature is apparently going to change the law back to allow an immediate gubernatorial appointment.

The Massachusetts assembly would be ashamed, if any of them were remotely capable of feeling shame. But then if they could feel shame, they wouldn't be the Mass assembly.


Anonymous said...

just whining for the sake of whining mungo...what do you think the people in Mass want right now? Representation, or a long replacement process?

So the legislature wants to switch the rules back, big deal.

Unit said...


I heard you on the Bobby Kendall show say that the trade "deficit" was one of the four deficits that the US should worry about. So you are not convinced by Don Boudreaux's arguments that the trade "deficit" is not really a deficit?

Michael said...

Anon: That may be a decent point. So let me put it THIS way....I'm pretty sure "the people" of Mass wanted representation in 2004, also. Why did they pass that stupid law, then? On the other hand, you may be right that changing the law BACK to a more sensible status is not worth whining about. A good point, I think.

And, Unit: I wouldn't think the trade deficit is a problem, if international currency markets were actually markets. The dollar is NOT being allowed to fall; instead, China and other governments are desperately trying to prop the dollar up. Still, the primary problem is the manipulation of international currency markets, rather than the trade deficit per se.

Tom said...

A trade surplus would worry me: Why aren't people investing in the United States?

Wait - I think I know why.

Billy said...

The assembly isn't factoring in what the people want. The Democratic majority and the Democratic governor want a Democratic Senator.

If the assembly was really concerned with what "the people" want they would continue with the special election.