Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Assorted Links

Winter: Not right for America! (Nod to the Blonde)

News coverage of Wake County school board called "too balanced." Funny, my own recollection is that S. Colbert was pretty unbalanced (as is his right, of course; far be it from me to criticize a lack of balance, especially when it is quite funny)

Hand Grenades From TSA Blog: Not the Onion (I think?) (Nod to Angry Alex)

Socialized seamen then....Obamacare now? (Nod to MAG)

Students socialize rather than study
. Next: Sun rises in East!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Capitol Broadcasting Company and the Goodmon family gave the world such liberal stalwarts as Jesse Effin' Helms.

Not sure how much credence I'd give to an article pimping 'balance,' that simultaneously uses cute phrases like: "screeching left-wing zealot," "Limo liberal," or "Goons" to smear folks that take issue with white supremecy or exurban Tea Partiers who are upset that the McMansion they bought in BFE don't have the same access to city services as those who lived within their means.

The Overton window here hasn't moved, but has been smashed.

Dave Hansen said...

The video forgot to mention that winter is also in bed with Global Warming lobbyists.