Sunday, January 09, 2011

True Grit: Bold Talk From a One-Eyed Fat Man

So, the LMM and I tried leaving the house. She drove to the movie theater near our house, and we saw "True Grit."

From now on, I want everyone to call me "Brewster Rugburn." I have the eye patch and everything.

(BTW: If I took off the eye patch, you could see my eye. But my eye, alas, could not see you. Unless you were a large very bright light.)


Anonymous said...

"I got rug burns on my elbows, she's got 'em on her knees..." Iron Ore Betty, John Prine

Angus said...

"That's bold talk from a one eyed fat man!"

Richard Stands said...

"Fill your spreadsheet, you son of a bitch!"

Barbara H said...

Donna let you out of the house. You must be improving.

How was the movie?

zimaroll said...

And to think I voted for this freak. If this had been your campaign poster I would've taken a bus from district to district voting early and often.