Monday, January 31, 2011


For you podcastrians out there....part I of a four-series on grad school and finding a job.

KOSMOS--Podcast I: Munger on "Writing a Disseration and Setting a Research Agenda."


Anonymous said...

very helpful advice, thanks for that!

John said...

I finally got to listen to this last night. I wish I had listened to it 2 years ago.

I just finished writing the first textbook ever on Packaging Machinery (currently in editing) and you make a number of points about things that I did wrong and eventually figured out for myself.

I am about to start on another book, also technical but a bit more focused and I will be putting some of your ideas to work.

I second your thoughts about editors. I've published a couple dozen articles plus wrote a monthly column for a trade mag for 3 years. I LOVE my editor. They always made me look much better than I was.

I am eagerly looking forward to future installments.

Did you mention that you had written a book or articles about this? I would be interested in more info.

I also like listening to you on Russ Roberts' podcasts.

John Henry

John said...

Meant to say that while I had figured out some of the things on my own, you made other points that I had not figured out.

John Henry