Monday, January 31, 2011

The Girl Store

Wow. Disturbing. The Girl Store.

Some comment. ("Heart rendering"? They want to boil the fat and connective tissue out of it?)
And this is just creepy.

So....good thing, bad thing?



Paul Gowder said...

Good thing. Creepy video, but the creepiness gets the point across nicely to those most likely to care and contribute to the unequivocally good cause.

Mungowitz said...

I watched it again, and I think Paul has it right.

Creepy in service of a just cause is okay, so long as it is self-consciously creepy. Certainly had my full attention.

Anonymous said...

sure, this is self-consciously creepy. But my sense is that it might undermine the effort to get donors. Everyone who donates money to "buy a girl (back her life)" has to jump through an interface that puts them in the shoes of a sex trafficker. I guess it's attention-grabbing, but clicking through to actually do it just feels really, really icky.

Mungowitz said...

Of course, yes, Anon. BUT, and I think this was Paul's point, think how many dozens of adds there are like this. I just tune them out; overload.

This one I looked at twice, and now we are talking about it.

John said...

I didn't watch the ad, just glanced over the page to see what it was about.

"Buy a girl" is, initially a bit creepy. Assuming that the donations do what they are supposed to, I think it is a very good thing.

I am a sucker for programs like this that go directly to the heart of the problem.

John Henry

jm said...

if you watch the ad thru it auto loads the page displaying the supply needs for these girls to get educated and out of sex slavery .. I reposted it on Facebook with post "In many parts of world girls are not wanted from moment of birth and are sold into either marriage or sex slavery .. but if you buy the girls school books/supplies and assist with their education they become full value citizens of their respective countries .. please help break the cycle of exploitation with the powerful weapon of education ..
INSERT URL:" ... hope you will consider posting on your facebook page also .. thanks