Sunday, May 01, 2011

1,000,000 th KPC visitor: Mid June

Sometime in Mid-June, we'll have our 1 millionth visitor. And we need suggestions on how to celebrate. You may recall that our 500k th visitor was in September 2009. So, it took 5.5 years to get to 500k (mostly without Angus) and only a little less than two years to get from 500k to 1 million (with Angus). I think the Angus factor has a pretty important role here in the explanation of hits/month.

So, I think that lucky millionth visitor should get a FAAAABULOUS prize from Angus and from me. BUT that visitor will have to know s/he is the 1 millionth visitor, and will have to send us an email identifying her/himself. (And we can tell, from the IP address, where your physical location is, on Sitemeter, so fraud should not be easy).

I already know what I'll be sending out to that lucky winner. A signed, and tastefully framed, copy of this memorable moment:

But what should Angus do? A picture of Mr. 2T riding a whale?


Andrew B. said...

Im going to log into KPC from every computer i can get access to at GMU during June. If i get the millionth hit, both of you have to perform "A Milli" by Lil Wayne for the GMU Econ Society during the fall semester.

Curt said...

I was the 500 K th visitor back in 2009. Never did received the "Munger for Gov" tee shirt I was promised.

So I'm giving readers fair warning: don't take the bait. If you let yourself get too excited at the prospect of winning that photo (and who wouldn't be, especially when it's framed?), you're courting disappointed.