Sunday, May 01, 2011

I Can Be Flexible...I Know Brad Is!

Brad DeLong raises some questions about the characterization of Keynes as an advocate of "central planning." (Brad DeLong's "Grasping His Winky with Both Hands" blog)

And then turns into a textual critic/ deconstructionist, examining Keynes's writings.

He may have a point, but it seems to me this is like comparing Marx and Marxists.

Marx was interesting, but Marxists are mostly thugs and totalitarians.

It is certainly true that Keynes himself was flexible (As Frankenfurter put it, "I know Brad is!") on both his economic beliefs and his bouncy-bouncy partners. And good for him. I admire Keynes.

But the people who advocate central planning in the U.S. call themselves Keynesians. And, in my opinion, they are Keynesians. Their views are derived from Keynes, in ways that are plausible and in the spirit of Keynes's own work.

So, Dr. DeLong...please. The distinction you are trying to make is foolishly pedantic, even for a foolish pedant like you.

UPDATE: Steven H gets it right. And said it better than I did. Because he is smarter and nicer. Well, smarter.


eightnine2718281828mu5 said...

But the people who advocate central planning

In caricatureland, Keynesians support central planning and libertarians support the Pinkertons.

Anonymous said...

It's a RAP VIDEO. It's. a. RAP. VIDEO. Not really a place for anything but caricatures.

Further, libertarians ACTUALLY support Pinkertons. That's not even a caricature.

Steven Horwitz said...

Smarter. And better looking!