Sunday, March 17, 2013

Everything that's wrong with College Sports in one simple Slidehow

It's right here and it's from the NY Times.

Old dudes in suits making bank screaming at kids in shorts who get no paycheck.

Makes my skin crawl.

The real "madness" in March Madness is how excited everyone gets about this insidious arrangement.


Thomas W said...

Since there's no context to the photos, you don't know if they're shouting at the kids, at the officials, or just making sure they're being heard over the noise of the crowd.

I once went frame by frame through a video of somebody giving a speech. It's amazing the range of expressions and gestures which are captured which you'd never expect from the person.

Anonymous said...

I bet you were always the last one picked when they chose sides.

AD said...

Why did you have to point that out and ruin March Madness for me?

I do think it's a scam that the players aren't fully compensated for what they provide (and I don't want to hear comments about how they get an education and a chance at the big leagues... Please, they could get an education AND make some decent money, too.).

But I enjoy watching college sports more than the pro's. The pro's are too good. I like that college sports are still a bit rough around the edges.