Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  ACA will tax medical devices....for dogs.  Yes, really.  Some medical devices COULD be used for either humans or dogs.  But even if it is provably being used for a dog, it will be taxed.

2.  Too ridiculous to be believed.  Unless the French are somehow involved.  And of course they are.

 3.  A lot of Senators aren't too bright.  And to be fair even the bright ones may simply ignore facts and go for ideology.  But NC's Kay Hagan establishes a new level of "She's either dumb or she just doesn't care." 

4.  "When you are done, just get up and leave."  Nope, not talking (just) about one night stands.  This new app for restaurants cuts down on waiting around to pay.

5.  My guy Salsman, in Forbes, on the Sequester.  Taking the KPC line, not surprisingly.

6.  It's like they WANT to be the paunch line of some joke.  Of all the things that Mississippi restricts, including morality, marriage, and Sunday alcohol, now they want credit for being libertarian?  Please...

7.  Stop using paper, Emma!

8.  The world hates the US like the US hates Duke in late March.

9.  Anthony Wiener spends more than $50,000 on getting his poll out.


Robert L. said...

(2) I agree the Quebecois language office folks are over-zealous, but language is culture. If you don't believe cultural identity matters (and a case can be made), then of course language protection regulation should be dropped. But otherwise, to protect language and culture, measures are needed to encourage the use of French and discourage the use of English.

The official language in Quebec is French. But English courses will now begin to be taught in all grade schools.

Jimbo said...

If a 24% increase in the minimum wage is no big deal, why are you worried about a mere 2.3% excise tax?

Mungowitz said...

I assume you are kidding about the minimum wage, Jimbo. Smart guy like you must know that, in real terms, the minumum wage is STILL below where it was in 1958. So the "increase" was just putting it back where it has always been, minus a little.

Jimbo said...

In other news from 1958, the top marginal income-tax rate was 90%. So by your logic, it wouldn't be any big deal to raise the top rate to 85% today.