Friday, July 05, 2013

Asked and Answered

So, LeBron asks (as always) a good question, in this post.  "How might democracy disappear?"

But I think there may be an answer, here, from my guy W.E. English.

What do YOU think?


J Scheppers said...

I favor W.E. English's version.

I would add for a successful society most members need knowledge of the mechanisms of government and their ability to deliver tangible benefits. Caveated, not that they can explain or calculate, but that they attempt to apply the power of the purse to areas that create individual value.

aub said...

Based on historical evidence - Zimbabwe, Cuba, Soviet Union, Roman Republic, Nazi Germany and others - I would answer, "Quickly."

I guess I'd like to better understand what is meant by democracy disappearing. Does that mean one-party rule, such as the Communist Party in China or the Democrats in Detroit? Or does it mean a dynastic rule such as the Kims in North Korea or the Daleys in Chicago?

Or is it like pornography, we know it when we see it?